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Links…what a dilemma!

Everyone is hungry to get as many links as they can within their articles, and for good reason. A link for many will be the medium to get traffic to their websites. On top of all the branding elements within Street Articles, we offer you the ability to create up to 2 links within your articles.

Here is the linking criteria:

400 word article (minimum) = 2 allowed links
600 word article = 3 allowed links
800 word article = 4 allowed links

People make huge mistakes when adding links however, and I want to help simplify the article submission process for you here.

How to Add a Link

Before we get into a big discussion about what constitutes a quality link, I am going to give the quick and simple steps that you need to know to create a link.

The first step is to highlight the text that you want to link within the Street Article editor.  In the example below, I want to link the term “physical training”.

Add Link Highlight Term - Street Articles
Note: There are a few rules associated to links.  First, you cannot create a link if you do not have 400 words within your article already (this number unlocks 2 links), and you cannot link a term that is more than 5 words in length. 

After you have highlight the text, you are going to want to create the link.  To do this, you will want to click the link button (looks like a chain link) within the top editor toolbar.
Add a Link Button - Street Articles
This will pop up the Link box where you will then add your link.  Do not touch the Link Type, you will simply want to add your URL into the URL field.  As you can see I have added surfingthebeaches.blogspot.com/ as this is the link to the page that I want to send people to.

Add a Link Pop-up Box - Street Articles

Note: If you have a www. in your domain you will need to add this as well.  An example of this would be: www.streetarticles.com

Then you can see the link is added.

Working link in Stret Articles

After you have added your links, then you will want to Save & Publish your article.   To do this, click the associated button at the bottom of the page.

Save and Publish Article - Street Articles
Upon moderation, your article will be live with your links added! It is as simple as that. :)

How to Avoid Getting Slapped with a Rejection

Many people take the entirely wrong apporach with their article content.  They aim to promote, instead of aiming to help.  I see it all the time!

But you say, what is the point of writing an article if I cannot promote something.  You can promote something, on your site.  The problem is that if you don’t put the READER “first” then they are never going to read your article and they will never make it to your site.  So your goal as an author is to offer value.  Engage the reader.  Help the reader.  Inspire the reader.  Inform the reader.

We do not allow promotional articles within Street Articles.  We also do not allow many different types of promotional links, links that you may be used to creating that you will want to unlearn.

Our reader is in our best interest.  Your reader should be in the best interest as well.

Here are my list of things that you should not do within your articles:

Don’t PROMOTE - Creating an article that is purely promotional is no better than creating one big ad.  Readers will not want to read this.  A product review is one thing, a helpful review at that.  Don’t go into an article trying to sell something, go into it trying to offer value to the reader.  That will sell itself and lead to the highest click-through rate.

Examples:  Buy my stuff, go to my website, check out this awesome product, go here.

Don’t SPAM - You delete spam from your inbox, so why wouldn’t someone leave your article right away (called bouncing) if your content comes across as blatant spam.  If your article has a hint of spamming within it, it will not be accepted by moderators.

Examples: Earn a million bucks doing this.  Get a free iPad doing this.  Lose 50lbs/day doing this.

Don’t SET-UP LINKS - People tend to find a way to set-up links with content that is filler text.  Avoid doing this as your article may not be approved.   You can avoid doing this mistake by writing your quality content, then going back after the fact to add your links.  Don’t create full blocks of text with useless content for the purpose of adding a link.   I hurts your article quality and will only hurt your branding in the long run.

The best way to get ALL of your articles accepted!

Write reader focused content.   If you can honestly look at your article from a reader’s perspective and say, I would share this with my friends if I was reading this, then you are on the right track.  You could even get a friend or a family member to read your article and give you feedback.

Not every article is going to be perfect, and that is OK.  The more your write, the better you get.  However, don’t make “selling” something your focus, make getting your article “shared” your focus.  Would someone want to share your content?

The Major Linking Rules are as follows

There are certain rules that you need to follow when adding links.  They are as follows:

(1) No Call to Action Links – Any link that requires an action or that has an action surrounded it should not be used.

Examples: Click Here, Join Now, Follow this link, Go Here, etc.

(2) No formatted links – Do not format your links, they must be normal text.  You should not bold, italicize, or underline links.

(3) No UPPERCASE links – Links should not not be UPPER CASE or have Upper Case first letters (unless they are product names or names).

Wrong:  You should not create UPPERCASE LINKS or First Letter Uppercase Links!

(4) No URL text – Your links cannot contain the text of the actual website URL.

Wrong: When I go to streetarticles.com, I do….
Right: When I go to Street Articles, I do…

(5) No links longer than 5 terms.  The phrase that you are linking has to be between 1-5 words in length.

Wrong:  This link won’t be accepted because it is 6 words.
Right: This is a link that will be accepted because it is only 5 words

(6) No Author/Website Profile Links – You should not be putting author bio or website related information within the article.  If you like, you can add this sort of info via the Manage Authors tab and include it within your details inside the StreetArticles.com control panel.

Every article you write has an “Author” module in the top left hand corner.  This is what links to author information and where you can add related information, images, website info, and a description. Adding another author bio to your article content will create redundancies and will take away from the quality.

How to Maximize Your Article CTR

CTR, or CLick Through Ratio, is ratio between article impressions and the actual number of times someone clicks on YOUR links within the article. So, if you had 100 views on your article and you received 10 clicks, your CTR would be 100/10 (views/clicks)…you would have a CTR of 10%, which is pretty good.

Most article directories claim that their average CTR is 5%, but it is possible to achieve a much higher CTR than that.  In many cases, you should be able to attain 15-20%.    Take a peak at some of my best performing articles…

Best performing articles - Street Articles

As you can see, a high CTR is possible.  These are just a few of my high CTR articles, all of which are over 18% CTR.    If you want to take a look at these articles for yourself and see how I am linking, here they are (in the same order):

Surfing Lesson in Maui – Learn How to Surf in Beautiful Hawaii (20.14% CTR)

Find Best Keywords – How to Make Your Research Count (19.11% CTR)

The Master Article – Writing Quality Content on Street Articles (18.43% CTR)

And here are the article “click” stats for the “Surfing Lessons in Maui” article.  You can get to the “Stats” page inside the Street Articles dashboard.

Article Stats - Street Articles

As you can see, the first link gets double the clicks (as shown below).  It is important that you do take advantage of both of your links, as it will lead to a much higher CTR.  As you can see, I am not using call to action links, I am not blatantly promoting anything, I am naturally linking within the artilce.

That is correct, my highest CTR articles have NATURAL LINKS, not spammy, promotional or call-to-action links!

What a Link Looks Like in Street Articles

What About the Landing Page?

Some of you may not even be sure “what” page to link to.  If you don’t have a page just yet, it is OK as you will be able to link to your articles later.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that we do not allow affiliate links. It is required that you have your own web page to link within Street Articles. This could be a website that you own, or it could be a free website like Blogger.com, WordPress.com or Weebly.com.

The landing page that you link to needs to meet some relevance and content quality guidelines. Remember, you need to consider the reader.  You want your flow of relevance from your article to landing page to be very good, meaning that if you are talking about the “physicality of surfing”, sending people to a landing page about surfing exercises would be relevant.  Sending people to a dieting page would not.

Relevance creates a quality visitor experience and leads to a higher engagement (which means greater time on your site and more opportunity to earn money).

Here are the core rules about landing pages:

(1) Must be relevant to article content
(2) Must be at least 250 words in length (cannot just be a few links)
(3) Must not promote sexual related products
(4) Must not promote illegal or copyright infringing products or services

If you follow these landing page rules, your articles will be much more successful and will get Approved!

I hope you have found these landing page and linking tips to be very helpful.  If you have any questions, comments or need any clafication, please leave them below.

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