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Image addition to articles is critical to article quality. Without having images that represent your content, you are losing our or simply are going to frustrate a very large audience. You can read all about this within the “making great use of images within your content” post.

But how do you upload images, and what are some of the best practices for finding, creating and utilizing images.

Within this blogtorial I am going to explain exactly how to where to find, upload, and easily add images to your Street Articles.

Image rules

StreetArticles.com accepts many different formats of images, but we do have some rules on the type of images that you add. There is some criteria that an image needs to meet for it to upload properly into your article and they are as follows:

(1) Must be .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or a .png
(2) Must be at least 200 x 200 pixels in size
(3) Must not contain watermarks. Here is an example of a watermark:

Example of a watermark based image

(4) Must not contact sexually explicit or graphic material
(5) Image must be relevant to the article concept. If your article is about “how to fix a golf swing” then your image should be relevant to “someone swinging a golf club”.
(6) No author images. Author images should be added to your author profile.

If you follow these rules, then your images will have no issues uploading images or getting them accepted. If you do have issues, leave your comments at the bottom of this post.

How to Add Images

Now I am going to show you exactly how to upload images.  You can upload them within your article editor (below the article).   Below the content editing area, you will see an “Upload Image” button.  To upload your image, you will need to click this button.

Upload Image - Street Articles

Then the Image Manager window will pop-up a window where you can Browse for an image from the local files on your computer.

Browse for image - Street Articles

Choose the file from your computer.  Once you do it will be uploaded into the Image Manager, where you will then be able to crop your photo:

Image Cropping - Street Articles

Resize the photo to whatever dimensions you wish, the click “Done”.  Note that the images are all SQUARE within Street Articles, so you will need to crop the image so that it is square in terms of dimensions.

Save and Publish Article - Street Articles

My image that I have uploaded is then shown within the article editor.  I can now either submit my article, or I can change my image to a new one.  In this case, I am going to “Save & Publish” my article, sending it to moderation.

After it has been moderated, my image shows up within my article (as shown below)!

Image added to live article - Street Articles
Here is the link to the article if you want to see the live version.

That is it.  You now know how to add an image to your articles on Streetarticles.com.  If you want to add images or edit your images, you can do so by clicking the article “edit” button within your article dashboard.

Edit article - Street Articles

Again, adding images to your articles is essential and it can lead to far better article success. By this I mean, more views, more sharing, more comments, more people that actual read your content, and a better author brand (read post about this here).

Hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any articles out there without images, I suggest you take some time and start adding relevant images to them.


Co-owner and author @ StreetArticles


Making Great Use of Images Within Your Content

Written by Kyle. Posted in Using Images

Can you think of the last time you read an article “without” a visual representation associated with it, and could truly picture the circumstance of that article.

An image can add a lot in terms of readability to your article. It doesn’t seem apparent, but until you can see the difference between the same article with and without an image, then it is tough to truly comprehend.So, let’s have a look a couple examples here from one of my articles “Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot 2011“.

Here is an article WITH a relevant graphic.

An article with an image - Street Articles

And here is the same article, but without a graphic at all:

Article without an image - Street Articles

Which one tells the story better?

The one with the image in my opinion, and from all usable reader metrics I have ever analyzed, readers think it is FAR better! (which I will discuss in more detail below)

Being able to have a visual connection makes the story far more readable as it gives you a mental picture to help walk you through the text.

A relevant and descriptive article carries many author benefits. “Relevance” is also a critical component. For example, I am going to to take this exact same article and add a random image that has no relevance to show the adverse effect it can have.

Irrelevant Image - Street Articles

As you can see, there is not “instant’ visual connect, because a “stethoscope” makes absolutely no sense nor does it have relevance to the actual topic. One of the most common mistakes I see is people adding their author image as the article image…and unless the content is about you, this is not relevant.  Save your personal images for your author bio. :)

It is better to have no image at all than an image that is not a relevant to the artcile concept…but it is better to have an image than not to have one, so I suggest you aim to add relevant images to all of your articles!

I would like to spend a bit of time discussing article benefits in more detail, as some of them may not seem so benefit at first.

5 Important Reasons to Add Images to Your Street Articles

Reason #1: Time on page

An instant visual connection we remove a lot of the bounce rate issues that people have with “pure” content. The problem is that readers, in particular ones that are visual learners, can become overwhelmed when they see a sea of text.

An image will increase the time on page, which will lead to many further upside benefits, the main one, they will actual READ your article.

Reason #2: Reader association with the content

When we grow up, we start reading books that have pictures in them. Is there a reason for this?

Yes. Image association gives people a better understanding of the content. In my Vancouver Riot example, you instantly can picture the event through the picture, then as you are reading the story your insight and understanding of what went on is much more graphic. More graphic means a better read.

Reason #3: Lead to More Engagement (Comments)

Obviously if somebody is more inclined to read your article because of image association, they will be more likely to engage in the article and comment on it. Some people really get fired up or emotionally connected to a topic when there is image representation. For example, when someone sees a “riot” image within my article example, they get angry at what happened and want to comment. This goes for any topic.

Images lead to great reader emotion, connection, and ultimately more comments. Comments are a good thing! :)

Reason #4: Increases Sharing

We are living in a world of sharing.  People love to share content, and people love more importantly to share content that will make them look like the source of news, important information, controversy, funny stuff, and opionated debate style content.  What most authors don’t understand or care to appreciate is the fact that when their content gets shared, it can become viral quite easily.

BUT, the image associated with your content has a huge impact.  For clarity purposes, I am going to show you exactly what I am talking about.  When someone shares your article using Facebook or Google Plus, it passes the article image through.   We have set Street Articles up so it works like this.

I clicked the Like button within my Vancouver Stanley cup article:

Facebook Like Click - Street ArticlesAnd then it is added to my Facebook Wall with the associated picture, as denoted below.

Facebook Wall with Image - Street Articles
Now all the people who are friends of mine will see this wall post.  Also, all the friends of anyone else that shares your article will also see this.

The visual appeal of this and relevance will lead to people you don’t even know sharing the article, discussing it, and visiting your article.  It is a big deal!

Reason #5: More Page Views

If someone reads one article of yours and like it, they will likely want to read more articles.  The better your article is formulated, meaning, if it has a relevant picture, is well written and is engaging, the greater the following you will have within Street Articles.  When people start “watching” for content that you create, you immediately have a platform to generate immediate article success.

This should be your ultimate goal and having relevant images is a large component of this.  Images lead to more traffic, more views, more sharing, more comments, and a better overall authoring brand!

What is your reason for not adding images? (HINT: You don’t have one!)

Hope you enjoyed this article and do let me know if you have any questions by using the comments below.


Co-owner and author @ StreetArticles


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