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Do you use one or more social networks on a regular basis? Do you communicate regularly online via email or chat? Do you enjoy to comment on information that is interesting to you?  Do you enjoy getting comments.COMMUNICATING WITHIN STREET ARTICLES IS POWER

If you answered “yes” to any of those items, this blog post is going to put a lot of things into perspective for you . I am going to be discussing “discussions” within Street Articles, including how to engage people, how to start your own discussions, and how to leverage your comment activity to your own benefit.

Utilizing StreetArticles.com as a social network can and will equate to authoring POWER, instant REACH, and ultimately a long term BUSINESS.  Today I am going to show you how to do this in an efficient and the most powerful way possible.

It’s all about engaging people

Engagement starts with the content.  If your content is boring, sounds like it was written for the sole purpose of targeting a keyword, or is written in a “text book” style, people will simply lose interest.

There are four ways you can easily create quality and engaging content, and if you accomplish one or more of these within each of your articles, you are going to capture a lot more people’s interest and ultimately build a much larger following.

(1) Be opinionated - Write your content with passion, and if you have an opinion on the subject matter, by all means share it.  People may not like your opinion whereas some people may completely agree with you.  Either way, opinionated content that you can stand behind is much more engaging than content that lacks this personal touch and spurs reader activity.

(2) Be controversial - Targeting controversial topics can lead to a lot of comments, a lot of social sharing (and reach) and can connect you with potentially 1,000′s of people that you would have never had the ability to connect with.  People like to speak their mind (comment) about content that is controversial that they have an opinion or insight on.

(3) Be news worthy - If you create a story line that is news worth (could be a local story, some inside knowledge, or an story based on your research), it can become quite viral.  Stories that go viral have the potential of 10,000′s of views, just take a look at my Steve Jobs article (which had 31,560 views at the time of this writing!).

(4) Be helpful - When you help someone and give them “a ha” moments, you are much more likely to get feedback and readers will definitely be more inclined to follow you as an author.  Again, this instant reach is what you are looking for and the more helpful your content is to someone, the more appreciative they become.

These are four writing techniques that you should consider when creating your content.  The more engagement you get, the more feedback you get, the better the author you become. :)

Using StreetArticles.com Social Platforms as a Launch Pad

Within every article you have some social features that you can utilize to instantly get reach to your article, get people following your content, and engaging in it.  At the top of every article you will see the social buttons:

Street Articles Social Buttons

As you can see, there are 5 Social Buttons on every article.  These include:

(1) Article Comments - These are the actual comments within your blog post.  Every time someone comments on your blog post, you will get notified via the email you have set-up with Street Articles.  It is important that you “Reply” to any comments that people leave on your posts.

(2) Google + – This is Google’s version of a social network.   It is gaining a lot of traction and there are a good deal of people having great success within their Google + networks.  Sign-up for Google + here.

(3) Twitter - Hundreds of millions of people tweet every single day.  The 140 character tweets can lead to a good deal of traffic and you should be tweeting each and every one of your articles.  The powerful aspect of Twitter is that if you have a good reaction to a particular article, you can tweet it several times.  Sign-up for a Twitter account here.

(4) Facebook – Facebook is by far the largest social network with the most interaction.  People utilize Facebook to get instant traffic to their articles and if it is engaging, it can lead to many additional shares within Facebook.  The viral aspect of content within Facebook cannot be overlooked (there are now over 1 Billion users).  Sign-up for a Facebook account here.

(5)  Pinterest - Probably the fastest growing social network, Pinterest is basically a collection of “image based” pinboards that you can create, share, and utilize to get more reach to your content.  Images are a big part of readership at Street Articles and in order to use Pinterest, you need to make sure that you are adding images to your articles as this is what will be pinned.  The more relevant the image, the better.  You can sign-up for a Pinterst account here. 

The first thing you should do after you submit an article, is socially share your article in every way you can.  If you don’t have all of the accounts set-up, I suggest you take a minute and set them up.   This will equate to all of your articles getting instant reach, feedback and comments, something that you should be looking to accomplish with every article! :)

Communicate Regularly

As within any network, the more social you become, the more influence you have and the bigger the following you have.  This includes following and comment on other people’s work as well as responding to comments you get. One side benefit of commenting on other articles is that you increase your potential for author exposure and boost your following within Street Articles.

Here is an example of a comment thread within one of my articles:

Getting Comment Exposure on Street Articles

As you can see there are two important aspects to understand here.  First, every comment you make has your “Follow Me” button where other people within the Street Articles network can simply click that button to follow you.  The more powerful and interesting your comments are, typically the more people that will follow you.

Secondly, when you comment, your author image and your name are both linked to your profile.  This will also lead to additional exposure to your articles and a larger following.  :)

If you communicate on other people’s articles, they will almost always reciprocate (reply to your comment).  You should do the same.  If people comment on your articles, you may want to follow them and engage in their content as well.  There is nothing more rewarding or helpful as a writer than to get feedback on your content.

Getting your “friends” and website visitors to follow you on Street Articles

The bigger the following you have, the greater the reach you have as an author.  That is huge.  Imagine if you could get 1,000 people reading any piece of content you post instantly…it could quickly become a reality!

You will notice that within your Author Profile, you also have the ability to Like, Tweet, and Google + your content.  Driving people from your website to your author profile (you can simply grab the link and link to it from your site) and sharing your profile and inviting people to follow you on StreetArticles.com.  These are highly recommended and we suggest that you share your author profile within your social networks.  :)

See example of what I am referring to below:

Social Buttons on Author Profile

Task Yourself to Engage

The more active you are within the Street Articles community, the more relationships you create, and the more active you are within the communication and networking channels offered, the more power you have.   Literally.

Think about it this way.  If you have 100 followers on Street Articles and each of them get an email when you write an article and look forward to your quality content, you are instantly going to get not only 100 or so views on your article (what would you pay for this traffic in Google!), but you are likely going to get instant feedback via Street Talk, sharing of your article via social networks, and it could lead to many new followers!

Your tribe is power.  Engage people in your content, engage in your own content, engage in other people’s content and you are going to be much more successful within Street Articles.

My tasks to you going forward:

(1) Comment on at least 5 articles per day
(2) Reply to all comments that you get on your article
(3) Socially share your author profile within your social networks
(4) Socially share every article you write (Google +, Tweet, Like and Pin it)

Now get out there and interact, engage, and share!


Co-owner of StreetArticles.com
Author handle @ Street Articles: Kyle


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